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  • John J King II

Wild Southeast Alaska: Lights, Camera, Action!

Spring in Southeast Alaska is signaled by rapidly increasing daylight, robust waterfalls from melting snow and seasonal rains as well as the return and the aggregation of top predators. Humpback whales, sea lions, killer whales and other marine mammals return to the sheltered inside waters to feast on the bounty of spawning herring which occurs over a few weeks as the region wakes up from a winter slumber. Since we are dedicated to observing and recording the earth’s true spectacles of nature wherever they might occur we are now hooked on returning to this region seasonally to witness the action and celebrate the wonderful wildness that is spring in Southeast Alaska.

And our voyage this year held some unexpected surprises.

The major surprise of the voyage came one evening mid trip when several of our group stayed up til midnight on a promising clear night (rare at anytime of year in Southeast Alaska) and we all were rewarded with the most spectacular display of Northern lights that any of the well traveled group had ever witnessed anywhere. The event lasted for more than 3 hours!

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