Burrowing owl in Flight
Resplendent Quetzal
Great Black Hawk
Stellar Sea Eagle
Osprey Pair
Night hawk
Atlantic Puffins
Flamingos on Lake Abbe
American Beauty Butterfly
Frilled Coquette
Common Eiders in Flight
American Bald Eagle
African Vultures
Ivory Gull in Flight
Blue and yellow Macaws
Red Tailed Hawk
Galapagos Flightless Comorants
Long tailed duck drake
Indian Roller
Black Necked Stilt
American Bald Eagles
Bahama Woodstar
Black legged Kittiwake and chick
Red - bellied Parrot
American Bald Eagle
Frigate Birds
Variable hawk on the wing
Trumpeter Swans
American Oystercatcher Juvenile
Jaeger and Kittiwake spar
Shorebirds in Breeding Plumage
African Wattle Lapwing
American Bald Eagle
Short-billed dowitcher in breeding plumage
Velvet Purple Coronet
Red necked Phalarope in breeding
Stellar's Eiders
Galapagos Flamingos
Blue headed hummingbird
Madagascar Scops Owl
Ivory Gull
African Shoebill
Red knot in breeding plumage
Spring Arriving Osprey
Andean Condor
Pita-Like Ground Roller
Malachite Kingfisher
Black Skimmers
King Eiders
Nesting Waved Albatross
American Bald Eagle
Arctic Tern on Ice
Light Mantled Sooty Albatross
Whale Shark with Jacks
Humpback Whale Spy Hopping
Fast ice in late Spring
White shark at 25 meters
Crabeater Seals
South Neptune Island
Green Turtle
King Penguins
Glacial Fjord in late Spring
Humpback Whale Diving at Dusk
Polar Bear enetrs the water
False Killer Whale
Leopard Seal and Pup
White shark
Fur Seals
Adelie Penguin
Orca strikes the beach at dawn
Humpback Whales
Polar Bear frollicing after a meal
Icebergs at Force 9
False Killer Whale
Breaching Humpback
Humpback Mother and young Calf
Tasseled Wobbegong Shark
Common Dolphins
Blue Whale
White Shark
Sally Lightfoot Crabs
Bearded seal on ice flow
Flying White Shark
Humpback Whale Yearling
Gentoo Penguin and chicks, Elephant Island-1
Humpback Whales Bubble-Netting
White Shark - 5 Meter Female
Breaching White Shark
Soft Corals
Young orca hunts at dawn
Southern Right Whale
Elephant Seal
Sperm Whale Encounter
King Penguin Colony
Glacial Ice
Rockhopper Penguin
White Shark and Cape Fur Seal
Clown Fish
Walrus Herd
White shark
Oceanic Manta Ray and Cobia
White shark
Humpback Whales Bubble-Netting
Humpback Whale Tail Breach
Transient Killer Whale Pod
White Shark and Cape Fur Seal
Island Arch
Polar bear swims after a mate
Sperm Whale Encounter
Galapagos Sea Lions
Beach Sand
White Sharks
Killer Whales Hunting Sea Lions
Sperm Whale Encounter
White Shark at Dusk
Spotted Eagle Rays
Gentoo Penguin & Chick
Killer Whale
White Sharks at Dusk
Whale Shark with Jacks
Killer Whales (Type B) Mom & Calf
Humpback Mother and Calf
Mountains and Ice
So. American Sea Lions
Iceberg Cathedral
Killer Whale Hunting Sea Lions
Ice at Dawn




Mauna Kea Volcano
Red Fox
Polar Bear stalks the camera
Komodo Dragon
Orange faced Saki
Aurora Borealis
Kilauea Volcano
Hoffman's Teti Monkey
Jaguar on Cuiaba River
Fiesty Male Bison Joust
Arctic fox female and kit
Brown Lemur
Walia ibex (Capra walie)
"Primus" Alpha Male Chimpanzee
White faced Capuchin monkey
Mountain Gorilla Silverback
Young walrus looks on
Spring Wildflowers
Orange faced Saki (female)
Male Gelado
SPider monkey female and infant
Pied Tamarin
Buddhist Prayer Flag
Machu Picchu
Languri Monkey
Hippo Mother and Calf
Polar bear on the hunt
Migrating Reindeer
Volcanic Beach
Hemis National Park
Rhesus Macaques
Ring tailed lemurs
Great Blue Heron Feeding
Baobab Trees
Mountain Gorillas
Female Leopard
Japanese Macaques (Snow Monkeys)
Elephant Family
Black-Necked Stork
Wild Dogs Feed on Young Kudu
Machu Picchu
Ethiopian Wolf
Galapagos Land Iguana
Polar bear seeks a mate
Mushroom and Moss
Marine Iguanas
Tolbachik Volcano
Cheetah, Mother and Cubs
Mountain Goat
Female Puma, Stalking Guanacos
Kermode Bear "Spirit Bear"
Puma, Mother and Yearling Cubs
Northern Lights
Male Lion
Brown Bear with Chum Salmon
Sunrise at Kanha National Park


Melting permafrost
Mursi Warrior
The Towers in Spring
Goat Herders among Fumaroles
Perito Mereno Glacier
Serra Cafema Dunes
At the Base of "The Towers"
Traveling in broken glacial ice
Christian Nun
Aurora Borealis
Kerala Backwater Cruise
At Anchor on the Indo Siren
Maori Mask
Azmat Carver with Ancestor Canoe, West Papua, Indonesia-1
Young Boy
Reflections are Natural Totems, Hakai Pass, British Columbia-1
Polar bear mating dance
Ancient Totems
Azmat Warrior
Aurora Borealis
Raja Ampat
Vava'u Group
Coffee Ceremony
Buginese Fishing Boats
Headman & 300-Year Old Grandfather
Hamar Warrior
Hamar Woman
Snow Leopard Expedition
Snow Leopard Expedition
Hamar Women
Lighthouse at Dawn
Aboriginal Cave Painting
Mursi Woman
Hindu Temple
Mursi Warrior
Lily Pads, Cuiaba River
Hamar Women at Full Jumping Ceremony
Matsumoto Castle
Djibouti City
Walrus haulout
Hamar Women
View of the Falls
Hamar Woman at the Market
Lily Pads
Church of St. George
Mursi Warrior
Taj Mahal
Sunset at Roseau