cape cod



First Snowfall
Common Eiders Getting Up
View from Fort Hill
Peregrine on the Hunt
Herring River
Song Sparrow in Snowstorm
Breakers at Chatham Bar
Ancient Tree
Autumn Reflections,
Dolphin Skull in the Beach Rack
North Atlantic Right Whale, Race Point
Monomoyick River
Fin Whale Off Race Point
Chatham Harbor Entrance
Carolina Wren in Snowstorm
Sea Ice, Wellfleet Harbor
Red breasted Merganser
Surf at Nauset Beach
Sea Ice on Wellfleet Harbor
Snowy Owl on Sandy Neck
Snow Covered Dune
Sanderling in Beach Rack
Lighthouse on Sandy Neck
Wild Turkey
Snowy Owl
View of Provincetown from Sandy Neck
Outer Cape Beach
White Winged Crossbill
Breaking Wave on White Crest Beach
Black Ducks at Low Tide
Stranded Short-Finned Pilot Whale
After Storm Nemo
Great Blue Heron
Marsh at Morris Island
Snowy Owl on the Hunt
Surf at Nauset Beach
White Cedar Swamp at the Solstice
Common Eider in the Channel


Spring Blooms
Common Eider in Breeding Plumage
Bobwhite feeding in a Meadow
Alewives Returning
Common Eider s Heading North to Arctic
Canada Goose and Goslings
Vernal Pool
Yellow Crowned Night Heron
Bee on Flower
Brown Thrasher
Northern Parula
Black throated Blue Warbler
Yellow Warbler
White Crowned Sparrow
Migrating Red Knots
Mating horseshoe crabs
Semi-Palmated Sandpiper
American Beauty Butterfly
High Point on the Dunes
Osprey Pair Nesting
Tree Swallow
Pair of Wood Ducks
Rufous Hummingbird Male
Singing Eastern Towhee Male
Soaring Osprey
Birding in Chatham 27
Dune Shack
Osprey Returning to the Nest
Dunes at Pilgrim Heights
Chipping Sparrow
Dunlins Feeding
Baltimore Oriole
Dunlins in Breeding Plumage
Double Crested Cormorants
King Eider


Sunrise Offshore
Quahog Shell, South Beach, Chatham, MA-1
Humpback Tail Breach, Off Chatham, MA-1
Feather at Sea-1
Great White Shark On the Bar, Chatham, MA-1
Common Dolphins feeding with Whales
Piping Plover
Black Skimmer
Humpback Spinning Head Breach
White shark feeding on gray seal
Grey Seal Devours Skate
Shorebirds  Heading South, South Beach, Chatham, MA-1
White Shark Predation on Gray Seal
The Common Flat near Inward Point
Grey Seals Summer Haul out
Grey Seals Summer Haul Out
Hudsonian Godwit at "Powderhole"
Grey Seals on a Sand Bar
Humpback lunge feeding at surface
Black Skimmer
Breeching Humpback
Humpback Feeding in the Surf
Northern Harrier Hunting Rodents
White Shark Dorsal Fin
Oystercatcher in Flight
Wilson's Plovers Feeding at Low Tide
Great Egret and Snowy Egret
Dr. Greg Skomal and White Shark
White shark explores a minke whale carcass
Least Sandpiper at "Powderhole"
Great White Shark Shreds a Grey Seal, North Chatham Inlet, Chatham, MA-1
Striped Bass in Bearse's Shoal
Grey Seal Portrait
Greater and Lesser Yellowlikes
Greater Shearwater
15 Foot Great White in the Surf
White Shark and Grey Seals
Breaching Humpback
Ruddy Turnstone
Minke Whale Feeding Off Monomoy NWR-1
White Rumped Sandpiper
White Shark Feeding on Whale
White Shark Feeding on Grey Seal
White Shark Feeding on Whale
Baird's Sandpipers
Aerial View of "Powderhole"
Humpback Breach
White Shark Swimming
Wilson's Storm Petrel
White Shark "Julia" Feeding


Dunes in Fall Colors
Marsh and Stage Harbor Light-1
Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse
Bufflehead Drake
Coyote Cruising the Yards
Autumn Marsh View
Fall Colors at Duck Harbor
Cooper's Hawk After a Rain
White Shark Cruises at the Surface
Tern Island in Fall Colors
Peregrine Falcon Hunting Shorebirds
Great Egrets Ready to Head South
Short Billed Dowitcher
Goldfinch in the Garden
View from The Dune at "Powderhole"
Surf Scoter Returns from Arctic
Pair of Red Tailed Hawks
Red Fox in the Backyard
Red Tailed Hawk
Dune Scene
Shorebirds at "Powderhole"
Dunes in Fall Colors
Peregrine Falcon
Northern Harrier Hunting
Humpbacks from the AIr
Hunter Moonrise at Sur Mer
Humpbacks Bubble - Net Feeding
Humpback Whale Diving
Humpbacks Bubble - Net Feeding
Humpbacks Bubble - Net Feeding
Injured Grey Seal
Harvest Moon Rise
Humpbacks Off Chatham Light
Humpbacks Bubble - Net Feeding
Red Tailed Hawk Takes Off
Greater Black Backed Gulls Fighting
Blue Claw Crab
Cat Boat Off Monomoy NWR-1