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Expedition Cape Cod Concludes

If you have followed this page you are aware that M/V Ocearch has been in Cape Cod waters for the past month supporting a consortium of shark researchers in their quest to study the mysterious Atlantic white shark. The team was strong and had able leadership spending literally hundreds of hours on the water, sometimes in very challenging conditions, looking for these elusive visitors.

The team reported seeing about 20 different white sharks from their platform but were successful in bringing only two aboard for the short "interview" on the Ocearch. Captain Brett McBride, in the wrap up, described our Atlantic white sharks as the "wildest" and most wary of humans he had ever witnessed. Since Atlantic white sharks are almost impossible to see unless you are extremely fortunate we put together some footage I recorded about three weeks ago in another part of the world. The message is still the same..these predators are rare and amazing. They deserve our attention.

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