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In Search of the White Shark and other Wild Cape Cod adventures...

As most of you are aware we have been fascinated and determined to learn more about the white sharks that returned to Chatham waters, inspiring intensive research on the part of Massachusetts based shark researcher, Dr. Greg Skomal. Since September 2009, when the first confirmed sighting was reported off of Chatham, his work has attracted a great deal of public interest in North America, especially in New England. Those of you who live on Cape Cod know that his lectures are "sell-outs". Clearly we are all interested in learning more about this charismatic apex predator in our midst. Right?! Well, yesterday, we had a chance to join his team on the lobster boat Ezduzit for a day in the life of a white shark researcher in the field off of Chatham. As is usual with Greg's work, we also had a film crew on board, working on, yet another documentary, about the white shark off of Cape Cod. Producer and Director is Trevor Gowdy. If his name is familiar, you may have seen his reality based wildlife sportsmen offerings (e.g. Trevor Gowdy's Monster Fish) on television. He is also the son of legendary television personality Kurt Gowdy. We were "extra" excited about getting out as we were also hoping to catch a glimpse of the early stages of the southerly sea duck migration which begins to build some momentum in Chatham waters in the middle of October.

We were not disappointed. Lots of "Septober" action.

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