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Cape Cod Offshore searching for Bluefin tuna

Had the chance to jump on the F/v "Ari Two" with our good friend Armin this week to try for bluefin tuna. Couldn't pass it up since most of our time on the water is taken up with our white shark research efforts close to shore on the outer Cape. We set out in blustery conditions before dawn and ran offshore about 30 miles looking for fish sign. We hit the jackpot with sign! Whales, humpback, fin and minke, Atlantic white sided dolphins - several large pods, hundreds of seabirds and a few harpoon "stick" boats patrolling for "giants" on the surface. We even had couple of mako shark sightings near the boat hunting for our "live bait". Alas no tuna were hooked on this day but the experience was grand!

Humpbacks surface feeding on sand eels. We saw dozens of whales!

Atlantic white sided dolphins

Mako shark at the surface

Greg Walinsky in the tower of F/v Alicia Ann

Reeling in a Mako shark. They released it unharmed at the boat.

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