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East Africa Journal – Kenya

Traveling into Kenya in November can have its advantages - less visitors to the various safari camps particularly in the Masai Mara. But also some disadvantages - it is the short rainy season so travel might be impeded due to the wet road conditions. In our experience the pros dominated the cons by a long stretch. We visited friends in the northern central area of the country at the foot of Mt. Kenya in a lovely land holding called the Lewa Conservancy. The property covers more than 50000 acres and is home to more than 350 elephants and over 130 rhinos, both white and black. Not to mention so much other unique African wildlife. Our hosts, Jane and Ian Craig, together with other members of their extended family and now in partnership with The Nature Conservancy have forged a long term plan for the benefit of conserving this incredible land and protecting the unique wildlife which now are again flourishing there.

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