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Fire & Rain: Exploring Costa Rica's Mountain Rainforests

Frozen inlets and sub freezing temperatures have been the order of day this winter on Cape Cod. After spending wonderful time with family in the Pacific Northwest over the holidays, we were keen to get back on the road. We joined friends and returned to Costa Rica to explore the mountainous rainforests around the countries largest active volcano, Arenal in search of birds and other wildlife.

Once again good fortune was with us as we had phenomenal sightings of 160 species of birds and some spectacular landscapes in spite of some uncharacteristic wet weather for the time of year. No matter, we were not deterred. Highlights included fresh looks at sixteen different hummingbirds and some amazing raptors especially the rarely seen in the wild Ornate Hawk Eagle. We also had nice looks at an Eyelash viper (venomous) and several primate species especially the Mantled howler monkey. A very welcoming country to travel in – check out some of the images we recorded here.

Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica

View of Lake Arenal

The magnificent Resplendent Quetzel, a beautiful male at sunrise, Savegre

A beautiful Bat Falcon, pretty soaked from days of rain

Purple throated Mountain Gem hummingbird, the male

White tailed Kite, Cartagena

Mantled Howler monkey

Violet eared hummingbird

Purple throated Mountain Gem hummingbird female

Scintallant hummingbird

Keel billed Toucan, Arenal

WHite Hawk, Fortuna

Rufous tailed hummingbird

Violet headed hummingbird

A rarely seen Ornate Hawk Eagle (juvenile)

Striped tailed hummingbird

Resplendent Quetzel

A deadly Eyelash viper

The usually very shy Spotted antbird. He looks for ant colonies "on the move" so he can feast on the insects that are frightened and jump out of the ants path!

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