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Travel Advisory: Apex Expeditions

Apex Expeditions specializes in one-of-a-kind adventures to explore the world's most fascinating places.

Many of you might recognize Jonathan Rossouw here, a close friend, supreme wildlife guide and extraordinary tour leader specializing in remote destinations all around the world. We have traveled with Jonathan on many adventures including the now well known Ugandan Mountain Gorilla encounter which changed us both forever.

We are wonderfully pleased to learn that a new venture has surfaced called Apex Expeditions, and from examining their sneak peek website, it looks like they will be visiting some of the most interesting and bio-diverse regions in the world. We also have learned that Jonathan has been involved in the design of most of the itineraries for the new venture and has been invited to also lead many of them beginning in 2015. This is terrific news for adventure eco-tourists, especially those who have followed our own adventures and wondered who, where and when to travel to the earth's remote places. Do check these guys out. The groups will be intimate and trips will fill quickly. We might see you on one!

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