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Flight & Pursuit: Autumn Migrations

Beautiful fall weather continues here on the outer edge of Cape Cod and a continuing flow of returning raptors are visible in our open spaces and barrier beaches....but you have to look for them. Had a brilliant encounter with a pair of red tailed hawks in Chatham today. See below. Also as previously reported - sightings of Marbled Godwits are rare - anywhere.

This fall we were blessed with sightings and images in three different areas. Mount Desert Island, ME, Tern Island, Chatham, MA and Del Mar, CA. shown in our previous post on our visit to Maine in late September. In addition we decided to include some similar images of raptors and shorebirds we recorded while we were in California observing the west coast migration a month ago. So much is similar as many bird species pass from the Arctic nesting areas south using the Pacific flyway on their annual migrations to warmer climates for the north American winter just as we see in the Atlantic corridor here on Cape Cod. Do not miss our first ever sighting of a Long billed curlew - found in an estuary near Del Mar, CA.

Autumn Sky - South Beach, Chatham

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