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White Pointers: It is Lonely at the Top

...of the food web.

We have been offline for too long and summer is in full swing on Cape Cod. Recent reports from the Cape Cod Shark Hunters and Dr. Greg Skomal confirm that white sharks have returned to Cape Cod waters off of the Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge. Spotter planes are in the air and the important research is underway to learn more about the life cycle and habits of these ocean voyagers. In other parts of the world these magnificent creatures are known as "White Pointers" due to their very distinctive color patterns.

Thought we would include some images we got last year off of Seal Island from the safety of a cage with Apex Expeditions and expert guiding from Chris and Monique Fallows. The water clarity is very poor as you can see due to the nutrient rich environment in False Bay at this time of year. Cape Cod waters are similar during the summer making these apex predators very stealthy attackers albeit in pretty shallow waters off of the Outer Cape Cod Atlantic Coast.

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