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  • John J King II

Wild Cape Cod Notebook: Sandy Neck

As we have noted, and all Cape Codders know, Spring comes late to our little sand spit in the Atlantic. Looking for spring signs of returning migrants has been one of our most enjoyable pastimes the past couple of years as we patiently wait for the water to warm so we can get back out on the sea. We have ventured into some of the more remote parts of the Cape and recently discovered a treasure in our midst, Barnstable's Sandy Neck and its adjoining Barnstable Marsh.

To fully appreciate this Cape Cod wild wonderland one should commit to hiking out the entire neck.... a round trip commitment of 13 miles! Though quite a walk which also must be timed to account for tidal pools that obstruct the trails at higher tides, the experience is worth it and spectacularly beautiful - by far the "piece de resistance" of Cape Cod trekking.

Tree Swallows jockey for the right to a nesting box and a mate!

Little House on the Neck -100 years old.

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