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  • John J King II

Cape Cod Winter Journal: Storm & Aftermath

Winter Storm Nemo, the product of two merging winter systems, converged on Cape Cod late afternoon on Friday, February 8th as the sun was setting. Barometer fell and the wind accelerated with temperatures still warmish in the high 30's F. Sleet and rain fell in the mix as the wind continued to build to a raging gale shaking the house fiercely. Top gust in the wee hours was 84 MPH!

By 1200 midnight the temperature began to plummet and reached the low 20s instantly freezing everything and producing fluffy snow to add to the mayhem. The storm moved rapidly eastward but was large enough to affect the Outer Cape until well into Saturday evening. We stayed close to home but did manage to get out for a bit on Saturday afternoon to observe the "white-out" conditions in the still howling storm force winds and drifting snow.

Of course we worried about the birds and tried to keep them fed when we saw their precious forms getting blown about near our feeders.

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