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Cape Cod Winter Journal

Winter comes: As the water temperature slowly cools and the amount of daily sunlight creeps toward the Winter Solstice signs of a winter landscape appear here on Cape Cod revealing surprising and beautiful wild places. We recently accompanied friend Todd Kelley, Kelley Trailblazers - (, a terrific local natural history guide and wildlife tracker, on his yearly pilgrimage into wild Wellfleet on the western reaches of the Cape Cod National Seashore.

Our six hour hike began at the parking lot at Duck Harbor in Wellfleet. Incredible day of walking and deciphering nature as the trees and plants head to sleep for their winter's nap. A highlight of the walk was circumnavigating Bound Brook Island - pictured below. HINT: It is an "island" of glacial moraine formed by glaciers long ago and is surrounded by estuaries of the Herring River. This is a point on the Cape where Wellfleet and Truro come together revealing a wonderful landscape a "Coastal Heathland" that outside of parts of Nantucket, may be the last of its kind in North America or possible the earth. This day was crisp but windless - a great day for hiking.

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