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Viral Rebound Affect: Our Conservation message goes Global

Our recent collaboration with African Wildlife Foundation has been picked up by the international press and in the process launched a resurgence in viewing of our Mountain Gorilla December encounter. Since the encounter was posted to YouTube on December 17 combined views have been mind blowing and will hit 4,000,000 views in just a couple of days. This does not count the many re-postings to other sites around the world that we cannot easily track.

Among many stories - two catalyzed a lot of interest. Der Spiegel, German weekly news magazine (featured story in German) published January 16.

Der Spiegel - Tarzan's Grandson (open with Adobe Reader)

Reuters Science posted Gorillas in our midst - one-off encounter, a boon for conservation efforts

COMING UP: Japan: NHK TV will air a program on viral videos of 2011 and feature our Mountain Gorilla encounter on February 5. If you are in Japan please tune in and let us now how it went. We were interviewed via Skype.

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