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More …offshore with the Humpbacks


In our two beautiful days observing whales off Chatham we were able to cooperate with some area researchers to identify 18 whales by a specific name as their fluke markings enabled matches using the important whale database of flukes of Gulf of Maine whales. The identification of North Atlantic humpbacks is made possible in large part by access to this Gulf of Maine Humpback Whale Catalog. We are grateful for all of the ongoing efforts of our whale researchers at the Center for Coastal Studies and those who maintain the North Atlantic Humpback Whale Catalog at Allied Whale.

Please consider supporting these organizations so they can continue to curate and improve these important databases for the ultimate benefit of our humpbacks no matter where they travel. We were so excited about seeing the humpbacks that we decided to fly a couple of days later to see if the feeding frenzy was still on. We have wondered what it's like below the surface when the feeding frenzy is on among our humpbacks. Thought it might be time to post another experience we had that was similar. Take a peek at "Inside the Bait Ball. Posted recently and shot entirely with the Go-Pro Hero 3 in South Africa in August 2013.

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