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Ten Years After: A Decade of Adventure

As the last dark winter days of December slowly fade from view we are reflecting on not just the past year’s highlights but those of the past decade. Ten years ago we made the decision to shuffle the deck and take a new life direction away from the corporate world. Thus began our global journey to explore the planet seeking out and recording the wild things and places which still remain as the planet warms and changes. The more we saw the more we realized there was to see.

Along the way we met some pretty incredible people who have now become dear friends. They include guides, expert naturalists, scientists, conservationists and fellow travelers, all of whom helped us to better understand and appreciate this amazing and fragile planet. As we struck out to distant places each time we were always happy to return to our treasured home on Cape Cod.

Some of our favorite adventures of the last decade are captured here on this newly launched

Please check it out! The adventure continues

Some highlights of 2017 here

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