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Patagonia: Magellanic Spring

Our recent posts about traveling in Ecuador and Peru got us to remembering our trek into Patagonia now five years ago. In this "hot stove league" time of year and while we gear up for some new adventures in 2014 take a peak at some images of mountain spring memories from out journey into Chile's incomparable Torres del Paine park and then on to Argentina's El Calafate thereby bracketing Patagonia. Some breathtaking scenery and a first hand look at one of the largest ice sheets on Planet Earth ...third behind Antarctica and Greenland. The hiking was grand! If you are thinking of making the journey to Antarctica some day (and we hope you do) consider adding two weeks to see this area on the front end of your trip. You will not be disappointed. On this adventure we traveled with our friends at Zegrahm Expeditions in Seattle. We recommend them highly.

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